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Real Estate Transactions

Advise, Strategize and Protect >

Before you buy, sell, rent or lease real property speak with one of our attorneys to determine the best strategy to protect your rights and your bottom line.

Some of the Services We Provide >

Acquisition and sale of cooperative and condominium units

Acquisition and sale of commercial and residential property

Negotiation and preparation of leases for office, retail, industrial and shopping center use

Counseling property owners regarding management issues

Counseling purchasers, sellers and brokers regarding brokerage contracts and commission issues

Conducting due diligence on behalf of purchasers of rental buildings to determine compliance with rent regulation laws and City and State tax abatement schemes

Refinance underlying loans for cooperative corporations

Negotiate leases and licenses for cooperatives, condominiums, shareholders and unit owners for acquisition of hallway and other spaces for use by shareholders and unit owners

Negotiate construction and service contracts relating to building improvements and RISP (Local Law 11) projects